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Additives for Waterborne Industrial Coatings
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Product: Views:156Additives for Waterborne Industrial Coatings 
Brands: Surfadol 440
Unit price: Negotiable
Delivery date: Since the payment date Days delivery
Valid until: Long-term effective
Last updated: 2018-08-05 03:41

Surfadol 440 Additives for waterborne industrial coatings

Surfadol 440 is an ethoxylated low-foam wetting agent,Surfadol 440 surfactant provides low foam dynamic and equilibrium surface tension reduction with improved dispersability and ease of incorporation  in waterborne coatings, inks, and adhesives systems.

Item Surfadol Surfynol Active Content Packaging
Wetting Agent Surfadol 541 Surfynol 104 100% 180KG DRUM
Surfadol 541A Surfynol 104A 50% 180KG DRUM
Surfadol 541BC Surfynol 104BC 50% 180KG DRUM
Surfadol 541DPM Surfynol 104DPM 50% 180KG DRUM
Surfadol 541E Surfynol 104E 50% 200KG DRUM
Surfadol 541H Surfynol 104H 75% 180KG DRUM
Surfadol 541PA Surfynol 104PA 50% 170KG DRUM
Surfadol 541PG Surfynol 104PG 50 50% 180KG DRUM
Surfadol 541S Surfynol 104S 42.50% 15KGS BAG
Wetting Agent Surfadol 420 Surfynol 420 100% 180KG DRUM
Surfadol 440 Surfynol 440 100% 180KG DRUM
Surfadol 465 Surfynol 465 100% 180KG DRUM
Surfadol 485 Surfynol 485 100% 200KG DRUM
Surfadol 485W Surfynol 485W 85% 200KG DRUM
Defoamer Surfadol 518 Surfynol DF-110L 18% 180KG DRUM
Surfadol 520 Surfynol DF-110C 20% 180KG DRUM
Surfadol 532 Surfynol DF-110D 32% 180KG DRUM
Surfadol 550B - 50% 180KG DRUM
Surfadol 550D - 50% 180KG DRUM
Surfadol 550P - 50% 180KG DRUM
Surfadol DF-75 Surfynol DF-75 100% 180KG DRUM
Dispersion Surfadol PSA Surfynol PSA-336 - 180KG DRUM
Surfadol SE-F Surfynol SE-F - 180KG DRUM
Surfadol 331 Surfynol CT-111, 
Surfynol CT-121
75% 180KG DRUM
Surfadol 333 Surfynol CT-131
Zetasperse 3600
90% 200KG DRUM
Surfadol 336 Surfynol GA 78% 180KG DRUM
Surfadol 338 Surfynol CT-171
Surfynol CT-231
97% 180KG DRUM
Surfadol 339 - 89% 180KG DRUM