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Additives for Waterborne Industrial Coatings
Additives for waterborne industrial coatings Company Information As the earliest TMDD manufacturer in China, ACME has developed a variety of TMDD-based coatings additives and supplied them under SURFADOL brand to overseas end-users directly or through loc
Water Based Industrial Coating Additives
Water based industrial coating additives Surfadol 541 surfactant is a acetylenic diols based surface active agent.providing low surface tension and improves the substrates wetting in coating and inks.Surfadol 541 is available in liquid form in different s
Surfadol 465 Industrial Water-based Additives for Coatings
Industrial water-based additives for coatings An ethoxylated low-foam wetting agent . Surfadol 465 surfactant is an ethoxylated acetylenic diols that provides low foam surface tension reduction with improved solubility and compatibility in waterborne coat
Surfadol 420 Surfactant for Water Based Industrial Coatings
Surfadol 420 is a 100% active liquid low-foam wetting agent (HLB=4). It provides low foam dynamic wetting in waterborne industrial coatings. Free from solvent, silicone and APEO.
Surfadol 485 Water Soluble Anti-foam and Emulsifier
Surfadol 485 is a water soluble anti-foaming agent and emulsifier for water based formulations.
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